Build better, for less, with P&B Building Lime.

When you add building lime to your mix, you add flexibility and strength. P&B Building Lime sets to a bond that is extremely durable, yet flexible enough to expand and contract together with the blocks and bricks and stone.

Lime ensures workability. Your mortar or plaster must feel right on the trowel. Lime gives your mix more plasticity and greater workability. It sits and spreads more easily, and you can work it to a smooth finish.

Lime grows stronger. By including sufficient lime in your mix, you ensure a compressive strength, which will continue to gain. So, instead of deteriorating in strength after six months (like all straight cement mortars do), your structure actually becomes stronger over time.

Lime helps with the closing up of hairline cracks that can develop in brickwork or plaster. By absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, the lime in the mortar or plaster can fill these cracks.

A weather tight, strong wall is what you're after. Without lime the mortar or plaster is more porous. It absorbs water readily, leading to brick expansion and cracking. Add lime and your problems are over.

pic of wall built with building lime

Lime builds a better bottom line. Too much cement? and not enough lime? in your mix produces shrinkage? and is more expensive!

P&B Building Lime is so economical. It allows you to use less cement, so you can save a packet, no matter the size of your project. And you'll be building with a top quality product.

Unlike expensive chemical additives, P&B Building Lime is a 100% natural, eco-friendly product. It is cheap, easy to use and you'll see immediate as well as long-term improvements in the quality of your work, and in your bottom line!

Available in 25 kg pockets.

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