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P&B calcitic Calcium Oxide for best results.

P&B Calcium Oxide is a high-calcium oxide; it is made from top quality calcitic limestone containing less than 5% magnesium carbonate.

Its high calcium content makes it highly reactive (quick to react, hence the name 'quicklime') and gives it a greater particle area. Quick reactivity and greater exposure of calcium particles make P&B Calcium Oxide economical you need less of the product to achieve the desired effect. (Calcium oxide made from dolomitic lime is slower to react, due to the magnesium carbonate content; P&B is pure calcitic quicklime.)

For these reasons, high-calcium P&B Calcium Oxide performs particularly well in acid neutralization, SO2 absorption, sludge stabilisation and other industrial alkali applications.

In steel manufacturing, P&B Calcium Oxide causes low loss on ignition, low sulphur and low fines content. It also effectively reduces silica and phosphorus. This results in optimum production.

P&B Calcium Oxide can be used as an inorganic colouring agent in paints, a process regulator in rubber compound manufacture and as an opacifier in plastics.

calcium oxide or quicklime is used in paint


  • Take care when handling quicklime. It's highly corrosive and can eat through flesh.
  • Wear long gloves, goggles and fire-resistant clothing.
  • When quicklime reacts with water it generates a lot of heat, so be careful of spurts of boiling water and the corrosive quicklime. This process is called 'slaking'.

Available in mini-bulk bags and 20 kg pockets

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