Discover Calim, the limewash that does so much!

If you thought lime was just lime, think again.

P&B Calim is different. It's calcitic, and not dolomitic, which means it is perfect for stacks of jobs in and around the home or on the farm. Calim is easy to use: simply mix with water and apply. Calim is truly economical. Highly efficient. Eco-friendly and hygienic.

  • Calim repels the smell of dog droppings around the home
  • Calim curbs the spread of foot-and-mouth disease
  • Calim controls mastitis
  • Calim prevents foot-rot and combats diarrhoea during lambing season
  • Calim prevents Newcastle disease
  • Calim eliminates smells in animal cages, pens and coops
  • Calim increases the nutritional value of poultry and pig manure for use as fertilizer
  • Easy instructions on each 25 kg pocket
image of house with no pet smells

Mixing the limewash

Dissolve 3 kg of salt in 40 litres of clean cold water. Then add 25 kg of Calim to the water, stirring all the time to ensure an even consistency throughout. Never mix more than one batch, as this leads to irregular coats. Mix the largest possible quantity to do the job in one go.

Every home needs Calim!

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