Concrim waterproofs cement, plaster and concrete.

P&B Concrim turns your cement, plaster or concrete into a waterproof shield.

No more damp walls and cold, clammy rooms. No more leaking tanks and dams. It forms a seal that water simply cannot penetrate.

Experienced professional builders and DIY enthusiasts insist on P&B Concrim. Its unique ability has been proven over the years in a variety of climatic conditions. It really works!

P&B Concrim, a finely milled white lime powder, is a completely natural product. Wet cement causes a chemical reaction with the lime, causing it to swell. It expands and seals every pore of the cement, plaster or concrete. Each pore becomes totally waterproof, and remains so even under extreme hydrostatic pressure.

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P&B Concrim itself cannot absorb moisture, so it will never separate from the cement or plaster after closing the pores. Neither scrubbing, nor high pressure will lessen its effect.

P&B Concrim is economical - a little goes a long way.

P&B Concrim comes in packets of 2,7 kg*. One packet is sufficient for one 50 kg pocket of cement. Just 5% added to the mix will waterproof concrete and plaster.

Easy to use

Mix the required quantities of dry cement and Concrim together on the floor. Turn the mix over at least three times. Then follow the normal procedure of mixing in the sand and so on.

If you are using a concrete mixer, add the Concrim to each batch of cement before mixing it together in the machine.

Concrim and cement must always be mixed dry.

*Also supplied in 24,3 kg cartons of 9 convenient 2,7 kg packets.

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