Extend your fruit or veg marketing period through Controlled Atmosphere storage with P&B Decarb Lime.

Your precious harvest will continue yielding sweet rewards for longer when you're in total control of its storage conditions. P&B freshly hydrated high-calcium Decarb Lime effectively removes CO2 exuded by the ripening fruit or vegetables in cold storage - to maintain the premium quality of the produce until market conditions turn in your favour.

By simply placing bags of P&B Decarb Lime on racks or pallets in the room, the carbon dioxide is absorbed by the fine particles, thereby ensuring consumer appeal and extending the marketing period considerably.

P&B Decarb Lime is calcitic. Its fine texture and high incidence of calcium carbonate (a minimum of 80% guaranteed) make P&B more reactive, and therefore more effective in absorbing the produce-ripening carbon dioxide.

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Hints: Use a plank with a number of nails driven through it to quickly puncture the plastic bag to allow the lime to absorb the CO2. Once the lime has lost its ability to absorb sufficient amounts to keep the CO2 at the desired level (say 2%), it should be replaced. The spent lime can be applied as fertilizer or soil conditioner. Always keep a fresh supply of P&B Decarb Lime throughout the storage period.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations offers guidelines for the controlled atmosphere storage of different fruit and vegetable varieties.

Available in 12,5 kg bags.

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