ISikhuseli special superwhite lime.
The shield that protects a home beautifully.

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Your house can have beautiful durable walls. ISikhuseli is so economical, so you get real value when you whitewash your home with this strong wall coating.

You can colour it in different shades too - just add ochre or pigment. Then apply it with the tip of a good brush. You don't even need to remove the old limewash; just scrape down any loose flakes and brush down any fine powder on the walls. Full directions on the pocket.

You can also use ISikhuseli as a quick hygienic coating

To sanitise stables, kennels and poultry houses, simply mix ISikhuseli with water and paint it on. ISikhuseli is the economical, efficient sanitizer that is also a good-looking wall coating.

Use it as often as needed.

Available in 10 kg pockets

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