Add stability, strength and durability
with economical P&B Road Lime.

Where cost control and construction speed are factors, calcitic P&B Road Lime is specified for its chemical properties and cost advantages.

It is a quick and inexpensive method of improving the strength and stiffness of soil in order to use it as a base or sub-base in road making.

It is especially effective in rectifying pavement sub-grades that have been built on clay soils and where moisture has induced volume changes, resulting in lack of support and subsequent cracks.

Removing large volumes of unsuitable soil and replacing them is prohibitively expensive. P&B Road Lime modifies the properties of the soil available on site.

It chemically transforms clay soil, permanently increasing shear strength and bearing capacity through pozzolanic reactions between the clay and lime. It reduces soil expansion and shrinking, and minimizes cracking.

What?s more, adding P&B Lime instantly reduces the moisture content of the soil and enhances its workability and compaction characteristics.

pic shows road lime was used for road paving preparation

And because it makes it possible to reduce the optimum thickness of the overlying pavement layers, using P&B Road Lime brings about further cost-savings.

P&B Road Lime is in plentiful supply, making it the essential, inexpensive road construction material that offers immediate and long-term cost and practical benefits.

Available in bulk and 25 kg bags.

SABS approved road lime

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