Give your home the unique whitewashed look
with P&B Unslaked Lime.

There is nothing as natural as P&B Unslaked Lime. It's easy to apply, looks great and is very cost-effective. No other protective coating achieves quite the same effect. Various delicate pastel shades are possible - simply add pigments to the Unslaked Lime.

image of different shades of whitewash

Mix your own durable whitewash:

  • Mix 1,6 kg tallow (or 1,6 litres of linseed oil), 2,4 kg salt and 60 litres of water.
  • Add P&B Unslaked Lime to mixture.
  • For pure white, dissolve 60 g washing blue in a separate container and add to the rest of the ingredients.
  • For a cream colour, use the same quantity of yellow ochre instead of washing blue.
  • Stir well until mixture stops boiling - then thin down with water to required thickness.

In bulk & 20 kg bags

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