Pure water is simply affordable with P&B Water Purification Lime.

P&B Water Purification Lime is a white hydrated lime, so it offers a clear advantage over 'brown' calcitic lime: its low manganese content (less than 0,1%) means it can be used with excellent and cost-effective results - both before and after filtration.

Administered through dry feeders or in slurry through dosage pumps, inexpensive P&B White Hydrated Water Purification Lime is the economical solution to many domestic water problems.

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Local authorities and industrial users rely on it to deliver clearly superior results. It is also useful in pH control and as an aid to flocculation.

You'll achieve considerable daily cost savings with P&B, South Africa's longest established supplier of 100% locally mined and produced white hydrated lime - a thought which should simplify your choice.

P&B Water Purification Lime - white hydrated lime, clearly superior!

Available in bulk and 25 kg bags

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